Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My New Pastime: Running from Zombies

I haven't been blogging much, but like I mentioned here and here I have been taking better care of myself. I have been using an app on my phone (I have an Android, but they have it on iPhone too!) called Zombies, Run! 5k Training. This is something I want to share because it is something I have loved (okay, so sometimes I don't want to get up and go running in the cold, but I do!) for the past five weeks and I wanted to show you guys. That's what friends are for, right?

So this is what the app looks like on your phone, I took this from the Play Store because I haven't figured out how to do screenshots on my phone yet.

Zombies, Run! 5K Training is like an audio book. With your exercise, you get a story about Abel Township, where you are Runner 5. You are training to be a runner for Abel, to get supplies. (And you might actually get pursued by zoms! I have a few times already! If that doesn't motivate you, what will?)  And in between stories, you can listen to your own playlist. There is another app called Zombies, Run! where you actually run the missions. I can't wait to get started on that one 3 weeks from now! 

The first week the workouts are about 30-40 minutes. Right now I am up to about 50-55 minutes. What I love about this app is that it isn't just about the running. It is about strengthening your body. That's why in addition to walking and running, there are also heel lifts, knee lifts, and stretching. At least, that's what I have seen so far.

But really, my favorite thing about the app is the website that comes along with it, ZombieLink. It gives you great information on your runs. 

Here are a few screenshots:

And please don't judge my times, I am still slow but even if I'm slow I am beating the people who don't get up at all!

I love this app. I love that it has taken me, someone who hated exercising (even when I was thin), to  someone who gets up and runs (attempts to, anyway) four times a week.  And along with my eating better, I have already seen results. And more importantly, other people are seeing results. I'm starting to realize that it isn't about fast results within a week or whatever, it's about changing my life. And if it doesn't challenge me, it won't change me. It's fun challenging myself. Because just a few weeks from now, what challenges me now, will be nothing. 

 Now, I am for sure NOT a fitness expert or anything. But this is something that gets me motivated to get up and move. 

I didn't get paid to post this, I just wanted to show you guys what I have been up to lately. I can't wait to do the Zombies, Run! app next! 



  1. Good for you! I can't wait for our weather to break so I can run again. It's 25 & snowy today but I passed quite a few joggers - I'm not that crazy.

    & screen shot on my phone is home button + power button at the same time. I have an HTC tho, I think you have a Samsung?

  2. Thanks for sharing Jessica! I hate to run too but I've done a 10km in the past and would like to do a half marathon sometime in my life (or at least before I'm 40....yikes, that's hard to say!). I will definitely be trying this out! Thanks :)

  3. That makes running actually look FUN! Here is a little birthday present for you!




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