Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My New Sister

Well I announced this on my facebook page a few days ago, but for those of you who aren't friends with me, I have an announcement to make!
I am getting a sister!
No, my parents aren't having another baby. 

My brother is getting married!

He left on Friday to be deployed, so we don't know when they will get married.
But I am so excited!
Julia is the sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet.
My brother definitely needs someone like her!
And because I love you and because it is Halloween,
 I am giving the template I made to create the collage above to my readers!
Click here to download the PSD file.

Disclaimer: This file was created by me and is my intellectual property. 
You are free to use it for noncommerical work, but please do not redistribute as your own.
 That is stealing and it makes me sad.

Happy Halloween, Friends!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters

Happy Friday Loves!
I am sorry this post is so late, but I have been running around all day.
Let's get to some Friday letters!

Dear Cold, please go away. I don't like sneezing. Or feeling drained. Or sneezing. Dear Dakota, PLEASE become easier to shop for. I am scouring Etsy for something unique to give you, but you are so hard to shop for! I want to buy you something great. Any ideas, blogosphere?! Dear Weather, why can't you be like this year round? It is beautiful outside! I would have liked more rain, but this crisp weather is what fall is all about  . Dear Crafts, Why do you have to be so daunting? I have so much I want to do! So much I want to make. But then I look at tutorials and get scared. No bueno. Dear Brother, I am going to miss you sooo much. Our hug today wasn't long enough. I hope you are okay in the boat. Please don't try and swim back! Dear readers, I am so happy you are here. I love you all! Dear  OnlineBlogCon, you were so much fun and so informative! I hate that you are over :( I made so many great friends!


Have a great weekend, Loves! :)


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Design Tips : Project Life Tutorial

Happy Saturday, Loves!

I don't know about you, but I have had a very lazy day so far. 
Dakota left for work at 8:30, and since then, I have laid in bed watching Netflix and drifting in and out of sleep.

But this post was calling to me, ever since I dicussed it with Mariely. She is a crafty blogger, and asked the rest of us attending Online Blogcon if we did scrapbooking or crafts. I mentioned to Mariely that I have done Project Life, but only on Photoshop.  And she wanted to know how I did that. So this week, I am going to teach you how to create your own Project Life pages in Photoshop! (Bear with me, I took a lot of screenshots!)

Tutorial after the jump!

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Finally Friday!

Good morning loves!

It's finally Friday! 
I am glad to have made it here with my marbles intact.
It's been a crazy week, but now its over and I am very glad.
Everything went well and I am glad to be able to relax this weekend before things get crazy again.
(It never ends does it)

Dear Friday, Once again, you take longer and longer to get here every week. Please correct this. Dear Dakota, I was so happy you came home on Wednesday instead of Thursday. My hard week was harder without you here. And I was even happier also happy that you cleaned pretty much the whole house. I adore you. Dear work, I love you. I really do. But I am leaving on time today. My weekend is calling my name. No overtime for me today. Dear Spreadsheet, Numbers make my head hurt. They all start to blend together after a while. I guess if I am going to be in Marketing I will need to make my peace with you. But can you at least not be so mean to my eyes?! Dear Soda, I need to make a concious effort to stay away from you. You upset my stomach. You make my head feel all foggy. So why do I drink you!? When I only drink water I feel refreshed, awake, and I sleep better. Maybe today I will try a cup of tea with no sugar (EDIT: tried it. did not like it. I caved). And see how that makes me feel. 

And here are some links I want to share with you this week, because I love you.

I totally need to get organized with a blog planner like Julie made. 

Pre-press basics is something I've learned through experience and trial and error, but I think you should read it, too. Never hurts to gain a little knowledge.

This typographer's glossary is really interesting, it gives a lot of information on type parts and the different types of type. That sounded weird. Please ignore it.

I love David Seah's Graphic Design Education and Book List. Lots of great information. 

Also, I hate to toot my own horn, but I submitted a piece of artwork for my college's literary magazine, The Working Title, and it looks like I made the cover! Check out The Campus's article here.

Be Sure to check out the rest of Friday Letters at Adventures of Newlyweds!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Good morning everyone!
I know I have been gone for a while, but I am really trying to get back into the swing of things.
And just in time for It's OK Thursday with Neely!
It's Ok that..
... I posted this picture on my facebook a few days ago and now I want to show it here

...I had wayyy too much to drink last night and am regretting it this morning.
...Now I know drinking with a group of Canadians is never a good idea.. ;)
...To be soaking in all the applause I have been receiving for all my hard work
(And may have even encouraged it a bit)
...To have started this post at 5 am, and to be finishing it at 8:42 PM. 
(It is still Thursday, afterall)
...To be wayy too excited that my mom's picture is going to be on Ellen's show on Monday! You should watch and let me know which one you think is her ;)
...To really, really, really think its Friday.
...And then to be very sad when you realize its only Thursday...

But tomorrow is Friday!
But ya'll, I think I gotta get to bed, this week has wreaked havoc on my sleeping patterns.

Happy Friday Eve, Loves!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blog Angel Reveal!

So, a few weeks ago, I wanted some good karma.
(Because who can't use a little good karma?!)
Anyway, I joined Blog Angels.
It is something Rosie came up with and hosts every month.
Bloggers who help other bloggers..
What could be better than that?
Anyway, I got Jessica at Sewing Our Life Together to watch over!
She has a great blog about sewing and her family.
It definitely makes me want to be more crafty!
Jessica is a mommy to a cute little blonde lady and a soon-to-be mommy of an adorable little boy!
Her appliqued onesies are the best! I will have to remember that for when I have a family! 
(Well, one that doesn't have claws anyway)
I have really enjoyed learning more about her family through her blog.
I have been commenting on her posts, but I hope to be better involved now that she knows I am her angel!
Well, here's the thing, one of her angels. A bit of a snafu happened.
Jessica got two angels. Probably something to do with that we are both named Jessica ;)
Sewing Our Life Together

Jessica, it has been an honor to learn more about you and your blog.
Let me know any ways I can help!
BTW, Awesome name!



Sunday, October 14, 2012

What would you like to learn?

For my Design Tips Series, I want to know what you want me to teach you! I have posted a poll on my Facebook page as well, so be sure to check that out. I have some ideas, as I showed on my Facebook page, but I want to know what you want to learn!  Feel free to add in your own answers!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Letters

Happy Friday Ya'll!
Glitter Graphics |

(Have you noticed that I have been on a ya'll kick lately? 
It's strange. I am a California girl through and through!)

Are you excited for the weekend?! I totally am! I am having a Pampered Chef party tomorrow! I am totally spoiled on Pampered Chef. No, I don't cook? Is that important? ;) And it is also my town's fall festival! There will be great kettle corn, tacos, and fun to be had! And its in walking distance of my house! 

Okay, enough exclamation points.
But I am excited. 

Now onto my letters for the week...

Dear Dakota, I am really going to miss you next week. Especially since you are vacation on my busiest week of my whole year. But I guess I will forgive you. :P Dear Fall Festival, I get so excited for you every year. And this year it won't be so hot! I am looking forward to getting some kettle corn! And watching the boy scouts walk their rope! Dear Cats, I love when you cuddle up with me at night before Dakota comes home. He says you are cold. He lies. You love me. Dear Attendees Next Week, I really am looking forward to meeting you all for the first time. It will be nice to put a face to the voice. Just bear with me if I have a mental breakdown. Dear School, I can't wait for you to be over this semester. It's horrible, but I am just ready to dedicate 100% of my time to Waterman. Dear Sleep, I miss you. We get farther apart every week. But we will spend some quality time together this weekend. I promise. Dear Dakota, I am so glad you get off early tonight! Time to play Mario Party and drink! :) 

I hope you all have a GREAT Friday. Keep your heads up and show the world who's boss.
I am going to definitely try myself!

Later today I am going to post a survey about what I should teach ya'll tomorrow.
Stay tuned! 

Linking up with Adventures of Newlyweds


Thursday, October 11, 2012


Happy Friday Eve Loves!

I am sorry I have been gone so long. (Almost a week!!!) Long days at work lately, preparing for an event next week that I am coordinating. Erm, trying to coordinate. I am trying not to feel worried. But it is like my default setting to worry. Anyone else feel like that?
In other news, I moved my desk again this week. I wrote a rant yesterday about it, but I decided I was still too upset about it to post anything. Basically the office I thought I was getting was finished with the remodel, then as I moved in my first box, they decided another group of people (other than the sales group) should move in there.

 I was upset. I shouldn't be upset, but I am tired of moving! I just want a spot to sit and stay there for a few years. But, I am thankful to have a spot to sit. That's what matters.

Currently, I am:
 Revenge. That show is soo good. I am hooked. I can't turn it off. It's like Desperate Housewives.. but darker. The main character's father was framed for a crime he didn't commit, and was put in prison for the rest of his life because of it. Emily (formerly Amanda) seeks revenge against the people who lied and put him there. 

And she does a great job.

The thing that gets me about this show is that Emily is so sweet and calm, but then you look at her and see how cold and calculating she is. I guess you really have to be, in order to seperate yourself and get that kind of revenge.

 I started reading 50 Shades of Grey, But I don't know if I am really into it. (*Gasp* goes the internet.) It's good, but its like, not what I expected. The writing really reminds me of Twilight. And I like Twilight, so take that as you will. And I also started reading The Undomestic Goddess, which is pretty much like me, I feel the poor girl's pain. 

Nothing yet, but I see a visit to our vending machine in my future. I ran out of the house without breakfast this morning. :(

Inspired by
I've been on StumbleUpon and Pinterest lately. There are a lot of articles on there that help me think of what I want this blog to be. To teach ya'll design. One step at a time. If there is anything you me to teach, please send me a note.

That I have really missed you guys this week. I just have been working so much that my diving into the blogosphere has been mostly spent on Twitter, FB, and Bloglovin'. I have been stalking all of you, just like I always have. (That sounded kinda creepy, actually.)

Oh! And How excited I am for #OnlineBlogCon!
Have you heard about it?

You can learn more about it on their website.

I am excited to learn about blogging, all from the comfort of my home! I can learn in my pajamas! I probably will, actually. I am just so excited. I have made so many friends already, just from the preliminary Facebook group. 

Like Melissa from Persnickity Plates. That girl is awesome. I can tell we would be real life friends. We have a lot in common. And her blog is amazing. It makes me hungry though. Check it out!

I will try to highlight some bloggers that I meet before the conference, got to spread the love!
 There are some amazing bloggers that just need visitors! Like me! Haha. Just Kidding.

Have a great day, Loves!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Faves

Happy Friday Loves!
I have so much to be thankful for this week.

I got my truck back from the shop today.
For those of you who don't know (I don't think I talked about it on the blog.. it was a big shock)
I got rear ended.
On June 22nd.
And today is October 5th.

Yup. Took that long.
My advice.. file a police report EVERY time an accident happens.
If I had, the guy who hit me would be behind bars right now instead of skirting paying for my truck.

Anywho. It finally got fixed.
And I feel like a weight has been lifted.
My baby is back and better than ever!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Ok Thursday!

It's Thursday, so you know what that means! It's OK Thursday!
And I am glad. Because I need a place to express the things I've been feeling this week.
You should link up with Neely and Amber and do the same!
It's OK that..
...I bring my own coffee / creamer to work. Mine is better.
...I have been soliciting ideas for my "Design Tips" Series on Saturdays. 
I want to know what you want to learn!
...To consider calling in sick every day because it is just too early!
...To be really sad that Facebook isn't working.
...I am SO excited to get my truck back.
...To stalk the repair company's updates on my truck. I can't wait!
... To feel like I'm talking to no one on twitter. 
...I am so tired of political stuff! I pulled down a political poster at work the other day.
There is a time and a place. And work is neither one of those.
...To get pizza because it sounded so yummy, and... it did!

Happy Friday Eve, Loves!

Pay It Forward

I saw this post on It Bakes Me Happy and thought I would join in on the fun!
Just what I needed! 

Read on to find out what you need to do to get a gift from me!

The first three people that comment on this post will get a gift from me within the next month. All you have to do is follow the rules below.

1. Within a month, I will create something unique to share with the first 3 people that comment on this specific post.

2. …but, in order for your present to arrive, you must play along. Spread the love on YOUR own blog, promising to send a little something special to the first three that comment on your post.

3. You get 72 hours (that’s 3 days) to re-post this SAME post, or I’ll have to move on to the next person.

4. PLEASE, only comment if you are willing to pay it forward.

So, if you are interested, comment away! Please include the following in your comment:


Blog address

E-mail address

And tell me about your blog. What you write about, what you want it to be, a vision of it, etc.
Any info you give is helpful!

Go out there and pay it forward!

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