Saturday, September 15, 2012

Project Life - My Way

So, I'm not much of a crafter. I hate getting my hands dirty. I can't knit. I can't crochet. (Despite my mother's attempts to show me.) But when I came across Project Life, I was like, now I can scrapbook! (For those of you that don't know, Project Life is a way of scrapbooking that is much simpler, and much more laid back than traditional scrapbooking. More of scrapping your life how it happens, rather than waiting for specific big events)

So I thought.  I am a designer. 
I can do this myself.
And so I did. 
Granted, my pages aren't as intricate as some of the ones I have seen.
 (Search for Project Life on Pinterest for some great scrapbooking porn!) 
Here is some of what I did, just to give you a glimpse:

This is one of the first pages I did. I had all these great pictures and no idea what to do with them. That's when I started playing with free digital scrapbooking pieces and clipping masks in photoshop. And this is the look I got. This is still one of my favorite pages, but maybe it is because I am so glad of the pictures I got.

This page isn't really about a specific week, like much of project life is, but I knew that Dakota and I didn't have a lot of pictures together (he hates it when I pull out my camera -- ladies, will that ever go away?) But I wanted a way to showcase some of our relationship together. I thought of this as a cover page, but now I think it will be just fine in the book. (Anyone have tips on getting Dakota to take pictures? Four years together and this is all I have to show for it!)

This is one of the more recent pages I did. Sparked by some difficult times in my family (my dad lost his job, please keep him in your thoughts and my brother moving to Virginia, rather than San Deigo) I wanted to look at pictures of my family. I am very happy to be in the family I am in. Despite the fact that my brother is going to be around the world from us, I still feel like we are a close family.  (This sparks an idea! I need to do a page of him in the military. These pictures were in his last few months home before he left -- he left about 2-3 weeks after he graduated high school)

I believe you already saw most of these pictures here, but this is still one of my favorite pages. I am very proud of the pictures I got, and looking at them makes me happy. Dakota and I need to go on more vacations together. 

I think the biggest issue that I have is journaling. A big part of Project Life is journaling. I try to journal on the pages, and I did on the first page above, but after that, I concentrated more on the pictures. But I know someday, when my children and grandchildren look at these, they will want the stories. They will want to know why we were in the mountains, or how Dakota and I met. So my goal for the rest of the pages I make is to try and explain. I know that is what I would have wanted from my grandparents. Hell, even my parents.

Have you ever done Project Life? If so, what did you think?


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