Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Letters

Friday Letters are one of my favorite posts to write every week! Very conducive to my very ADD mind.
(I made the mistake once of looking up symptoms of adult ADD. Don't do it. You will scare yourself :P)
(DJ and Julia while I was in NY in March)
Dear Brother, I am sad you didn't get stationed in San Diego. I am sad you aren't going to be a mere 5 hrs away after 2 years of 2000-3000 miles away. But now, not only are you going to be stationed in Virginia (Which is still 3000 miles away) you are going to be in some wonderful but probably scary (for us, not as much you, you're the sailor after all.) places. You will go from having a big house in New York to being on a rack in an aircraft carrier. The past two years has trained you well. I will think of you every day. On the bright side, your leave starts on the 28th? So excited to see you! Dear Weekend, I am so glad to see you! What has taken you so long? Excited that Dakota is off today so that we can spend some time together! 
Dear Nana, Happy Birthday! I will be there to see  you in TWO weeks. That is pretty stinkin' awesome. If you ask me. Dear Vegas, Do you miss me? I will see you soon. We will have lots of fun together. Even though I am going for work. But we will find time to be together. Dear Dakota, I just wanted to tell you how proud and honored I am to be spending my life with you. Why? Because I don't do it enough. And because you're pretty cute, and I like your face. 
Happy Friday, Lovies! 


  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am sad you are missing your brother, but we live in VA near the big Naval bases and we really like it here :) Hopefully your brother will too!

    I love the look of your blog, Chevron and mint...I die. Love the combo :)

    1. I'm sure he will. Before he was in NY, he was in South Carolina. My brother seriously feels a kinship with the South. Maybe its his love of red velvet cake and fried chicken.

      What area are you in? He will be in Norfolk. Until he gets deployed somewhere.

      Thank you! It took me longer to figure out than I would like to admit. There are still changes I want to make, but they will get done eventually.


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