Thursday, September 13, 2012


Every Thursday I link up with Randalin over at Harvesting Kale for Currently.
I really enjoy reading about how her and Kale are doing. (Isn't Kale such a cool name? Unlike the vegetable lol)  This is a great link up, especially for days like today when all I really want is a mental health day.

Wishing, Reading, Eating, Anticipating, Missing 

Here is what is going on currently:

(Just being real here, folks!)

Wishing.. for a mental health day. Or for the power to go out. Mainly, just wishing for a nap. An uniterrupted, glorious nap. (I sound so selfish!)

Reading... I started a bunch of books in the mountains. But I haven't gotten back to them yet. I have considered reading 50 Shades of Grey, because I love reading, watching, or eating things that I think are overhyped to see if they are truely amazing. But I haven't made that jump yet. Reading for me these days has been blogs and emails. My life is so much fun. :P

Eating.. I had a breakfast burrito for breakfast. All the good ones are gone early, but I got to the store about 4:30 this morning so I got one! But now I am over full :(

Anticipating ... a major tradeshow we have coming up in a few weeks. I am not the marketing manager, per se, but I am still expected to run major tradeshows such as this in addition to everything else I do.  I am worried that something will go wrong. It always does. And a few weeks after that, I am coordinating a training of 30 people from all over the country and Canada and Mexico. I just want to get through October. Then I am taking some time off! (Yeah right.)

Missing.. Dakota. Since his summer schedule hasn't ended yet, he has been working til 9:30, which means he doesn't get home until 10. I try to stay up until he gets home, but most of the time I'm already asleep. And if I do stay up, I go to bed right after he gets home. (Don't be fooled, its not his fault.. I work a lot too!) Luckily, we have school time together, but its not the same. He is off today and tomorrow though, so we are going shopping! Love that man!

Happy Thursday! (Again) 

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  1. Thanks for linking up (and your sweet comments about Kale!).

    I'm so with you - I was dying for a solid nap last week, but luckily caught one with Kale yesterday. They are definitely a mandatory part of my weekend.


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