Saturday, September 29, 2012

Photoshop Tip : Image Processor

Wow, I am actually keeping up with the promise I made last week about tips every Saturday! I'm a little late, but here is my tip for you for today!
It is all about Photoshop today, and the Image Processor tool.
This is a tool I found completely by accident, but once you use it, you won't go back!
Please note that I am using Photoshop CS5, so
 I don't know what this will look like on other versions.
The idea behind this is that when I edit photos, I tend to work on a lot at one time.
And then when Dakota kicks me off his computer its time to get off the computer, 
I wanted a way to process the files quickly.

Rather than save them all as PSDs and as JPEG, and resize them to post to Facebook. 
Or even here.
That takes..forever. 

This handy little tool will help you save and resize in one step!
To get started, have some files open in Photoshop that you want to save PSDs of and resized JPEG:

Then, go to File > Scripts > Image Processor and click:

When the window is open, here are the options you have and the ones I typically use selected:

Except that I usually resize Facebook to 1000 px. 
That probably looks completely horrible, but I do it anyway.


Step 1) I use open images because my file system isn't very organized, and I don't want to accidentally re-size the wrong pictures. If you are more organized than me, go right ahead and do whole folders.

Step 2) I save in the same location because it makes these little organized folders that I love so much, and it helps me be more organized. (See Step #1)

Step 3) This is why I use this tool exclusively, rather than actions. You can save your files as multiple options at the same time! I typically do JPEG and PSD. Because I like having the backup of the PSD. Usually I will use the Image Processor twice so that I can have a resized JPEG and a full res JPEG.

Because I love full res. :)

Step 4: Preferences. I don't usually mess with this too much, except usually I do put in my copyright info. That embeds that info into the file, so when I upload to Facebook, it puts it right in the description box!

I don't usually like to run actions off of this step, because then I don't get to mess with what they look like until after they are saved. But some actions work, like Matte Me! That one doesn't require much tweaking, and looks good on almost any photo.

Click "OK" and Photoshop will work very hard saving and resizing your work.
So you don't have to!

I hope this helps!

Use my contact page to ask about Photoshop or Illustrator or any other program, and I will do my best to answer here on the blog for ya!



  1. I've to check if Elements 9 have that copyright thing at Preferences. never thought much about it but it's a great tip. I don't have the full version of Photoshop but I'm learning interesting stuff. thanks so much :)

  2. Can you give me a tip that has nothing to do with photoshoop? Well my images in my blog have a border and yours don't. How do you loose it?

  3. Great feature! I love using Photoshop. Thank you for linking up at "Bloggers from California". It's so nice to meet a fellow Californian! :D

    xo, Adriana.


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