Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pet Profile : Loki

Ugh. So I COMPLETELY messed up my blog design. It was going to be so pretty. I will get around to fixing it. But right now, I remembered that I hadn't yet introduced you to Loki, (I am a bad blogger - we got him in June...)  so I figured I would do a little profile on my crazy but cute, and often dog-like kitten, now that we know him a little better.

Name: Loki
Gender: Male
Age: 5 or 6 months?
Reason behind the name: Named after my favorite villain, although this could have been my downfall. Considering Loki is the god of mischief and all.
Appearance: Grey with dark grey stripes on his body and part of his tail. 
Usual Temperment: Hyper.  Mischevious. (Wait did I say that already? Because its TRUE) But can be very loving when he senses we are upset.
Hobbies: Climbing curtains, hiding under the shower curtain for no apparent reason, pushing his toys under the stove, or drowning them in his water dish, tormenting our other cat Scooter and then wondering why she chases him, attacking my hair, attacking walls, etc.
Favorite spot in the house: Under the in table outside of our kitchen. Scooter can't get him 
under there. 
More (and pictures!) after the jump!

Loki is definitely an interesting cat. Very different from Scooter. I am not sure what I was expecting when we brought him home, but I think it was just a cat that would want to cuddle with me all the time. Scooter is very standoffish with anyone who isn't Dakota, so I wanted a cat to love me.

I can't figure out who his "person" is between Dakota and I. He often will cry for me to come out of wherever I am hiding or stick his paws under the door. (Sidebar: Once he thought I was hiding from him, but I was actually in the other bedroom on the computer and I called him and when he heard my voice, he looked up and ran at me like THERE YOU ARE! It was tooo cute) But he loves to sleep with Dakota. I guess it doesn't really matter. But Scooter is Dakota's cat. Is it wrong that I wanted one of my own? I guess relationships mean sharing your animals. Go figure.

Any who.

Here are some pictures of our adventure with Loki so far:

I tried to capture all facets of his personality: sweet, mischevious (doesn't the upper right picture look like his plotting something?!) intimidating (this is his attacking face) and playful.

I have way more pictures of Loki than I would care to admit, so I will be updating the blog about him as time goes on. 

What kind of animals do you have? I am more of a dog person myself, but don't tell Scooter or Loki that....



  1. We have three kittens, and yeah, I'm not sure that naming an already mischievous animal "Loki" was the best idea...they are very pretty little creatures though, so that makes up for it a bit! :P

  2. Haha well the thing is, we didn't know that he was mischievous when we named him! I had to come up with something, or Dakota was going to name him Alduin.

  3. Ohhhh my gosh - he looks so much like my cat Muffin! EEEEE :)

    P.S. Glad to have you on blog - do you have sponsor stuff setup yet?


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