Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Finally Friday!

Good morning loves!

It's finally Friday! 
I am glad to have made it here with my marbles intact.
It's been a crazy week, but now its over and I am very glad.
Everything went well and I am glad to be able to relax this weekend before things get crazy again.
(It never ends does it)

Dear Friday, Once again, you take longer and longer to get here every week. Please correct this. Dear Dakota, I was so happy you came home on Wednesday instead of Thursday. My hard week was harder without you here. And I was even happier also happy that you cleaned pretty much the whole house. I adore you. Dear work, I love you. I really do. But I am leaving on time today. My weekend is calling my name. No overtime for me today. Dear Spreadsheet, Numbers make my head hurt. They all start to blend together after a while. I guess if I am going to be in Marketing I will need to make my peace with you. But can you at least not be so mean to my eyes?! Dear Soda, I need to make a concious effort to stay away from you. You upset my stomach. You make my head feel all foggy. So why do I drink you!? When I only drink water I feel refreshed, awake, and I sleep better. Maybe today I will try a cup of tea with no sugar (EDIT: tried it. did not like it. I caved). And see how that makes me feel. 

And here are some links I want to share with you this week, because I love you.

I totally need to get organized with a blog planner like Julie made. 

Pre-press basics is something I've learned through experience and trial and error, but I think you should read it, too. Never hurts to gain a little knowledge.

This typographer's glossary is really interesting, it gives a lot of information on type parts and the different types of type. That sounded weird. Please ignore it.

I love David Seah's Graphic Design Education and Book List. Lots of great information. 

Also, I hate to toot my own horn, but I submitted a piece of artwork for my college's literary magazine, The Working Title, and it looks like I made the cover! Check out The Campus's article here.

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  1. enjoy your weekend sweetie, you definitively deserve it. xxo


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