Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My New Sister

Well I announced this on my facebook page a few days ago, but for those of you who aren't friends with me, I have an announcement to make!
I am getting a sister!
No, my parents aren't having another baby. 

My brother is getting married!

He left on Friday to be deployed, so we don't know when they will get married.
But I am so excited!
Julia is the sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet.
My brother definitely needs someone like her!
And because I love you and because it is Halloween,
 I am giving the template I made to create the collage above to my readers!
Click here to download the PSD file.

Disclaimer: This file was created by me and is my intellectual property. 
You are free to use it for noncommerical work, but please do not redistribute as your own.
 That is stealing and it makes me sad.

Happy Halloween, Friends!


  1. Awww, that's awesome! Congrats on the soon to be sis-in-law! And congrats to your brother :)

  2. Congrats! & you're so giving with your hard work! I made a few things when I was getting married (rehearsal invite, seating chart) that I regret sharing.

  3. Aww that's so sweet! Congrats to both of them

    1. btw, thanks for joining Nice to Meet You {GFC Blog Hop}! Hope to see you linking up again next week ;)

  4. congrats sweetie :) thanks for the template. I know how to do them but I never have enough and yours has a beautiful background. send me an email if you need anything about my shop. thanks a bunch! happy halloween :) xxo


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