Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blog Angels Wrap- Up

So a while back I mentioned that I was a blog angel, right?
Well today is the day we wrap it all up!
Well, actually I am a little late.
Being a sicky does that to you.

I was a blog angel for  Jessica, and we have been emailing back and forth.
About her pregnancy, about graphic design, (her husband has a degree!) and other things.
(I haven't yet told her that she stole my name.. tee hee) but I really like her and her blog! 

I have become an avid reader and commenter of Jessica's blog, Sewing Our Life Together
 It makes me feel like I can finally become domesticated! ;)

Through Jessica I have learned that I really want to pick up sewing (and use her tutorials) and that pregnancy can be scary. But not that I should be scared.  I hope she has had a chance to learn from me! 

I also made Jessica a custom banner for her page, using her husband's sewing machine illustration, and to match her button, as seen below. I just didn't have the font he used. 


She liked it, but she is going to be redoing her page later on this year so I will be helping! (And she is going to find me the name of that font! :P)

A blog angel's work is never done. :)

My Blog Angel was Ana from Wonderland . Ana has brought a great deal of traffic to my blog, as well as become an avid reader herself. I much appreciate it. She also told me to add the GFC Follower thing, which I am still not sure how I feel about because it is dead for all non-blogger blogs, but oh well. I have followers on it now so that helps! :)

I will also be posting about Ana's Etsy shop in the near future, so stay tuned for that!

That's all for now lovies, Happy Thursday! :)




  1. You are too sweet. Thanks for everything, friend!

  2. you're truly sweet indeed :)

    Ana Eugénio ~ wonderland


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