Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why I really need to get organized...

Because this board stares at me. It expects me to do something with all these pins.
You know, rather than stare at them?
Do I have all my household stuff in one, awesome, binder?
...That would be a "NO"

Do I have a nifty grocery list plan?
... Sorry..

Do I have my recipes in a cute, decorated binder?
....They are in a sheet protector! But no. 

But, I certainly love knowing that those pins are there.

Because I might need them. 



I am a pin hoarder.

I need help.

Do you have boards that you wish you would actually put to good use?

Don't even get me started on my "weight loss" board.
Follow me on Pinterest, and I will show you some cool stuff. Promise.



  1. I think all my boards fall into that. All my inspirations..pinning them is kind of willing them, right?

  2. Pretty much everything on my boards are something that I hope to make, hope to do, hope to buy, or hope to visit. There's a whole lot of unfulfilled wishes in there ;)


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