Monday, November 19, 2012

Designer or Artist?: Getting Inspired

Every year, there it was, under the tree, wrapped with my name on it. I would be happy every time I got one, because they were all different, but I was never really surprised. I received art supply kits for Christmas since I was in Kindergarten. And I would use every last piece. The markers, the crayons, the watercolors, the colored pencils. Every piece would be loved and used.

I used to consider myself an artist. 
But now I consider myself a "designer".

When did that change? What is the difference?

A designer creates artwork. An artist can design.
So where do we draw the line?

I think it has something to do with that designers don't create for themselves. And artists do. In my opinion. 

But artists create for other people.

It's a conundrum. 

I need to inspire myself. Look at what I used to create, and be inspired.
I used to create for myself. For the fun. But do I do that?

I'm trying to now, for sure.

But I need to get inspired.

So in this journey, I decided to show you some of my more favorite pieces I have created.

1) A converse shoe made with the gradient mesh tool in Illustrator. I am working on a post on how to use this tool. It really is an amazing tool. I had so much fun doing this. It was for an assignment for my Digital Imaging class. As was #3. Actually, #3 was for the same assignment. But this one I enjoyed so much more.

2) Rocko's Modern Life. I drew this probably 6 years ago, for my exboyfriend. I don't even know if he still has it. Maybe I should ask for it back. Think he would give it back after all these years? Who knows. This is hand drawn and colored.

3) This rose was created, like number one, with the gradient mesh tool. It isn't perfect, but I love it anyway. 

My goal in having this blog is quickly changing. I not only want this to be a resource for you to grow and learn, but also as a creative outlet for me to grow and learn as an artist AND as a designer.

Do you ever look back at your old work and get inspired?
Do you create for yourself?


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  1. Yes & yes :) I used to draw daily when I was younger. Now it's rare & it's sad because I'm rusty. My mom asked me to paint her a pic for Christmas so I need to get on that.

    I'm looking forward to the gradient mesh post - I don't know/remember how to use it at all.


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