Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Currently It's Ok Thursday!

Today, for the sake of lazyness, I am combining two posts.
And also, because this is my 99th post. 
And I want to do something SPECIAL for my 100th post.

Any ideas?


Currently, I am:
Loving..  My cup of Chai tea with honey.. best thing in the world for a sore throat (and a bad cough that I haven't gotten rid of). And for a hungry belly.

Looking.. forward to getting my house clean! If you guys think I have been slacking round these parts, you should see my house. It is horrendous. Why haven't my boys learned to do dishes yet?! (well, they have, but they don't...)

Cooking.. Not much lately. See above. Cooking involves pans. And plates. And they are dirty. And I don't want to wash them. So I eat lots of toast. Lots and lots of toast. I am so domesticated. 

Catching.. Up on work still from the half day I took off on Monday when I was sick.. There is a big show for us this weekend that I am so stressed about! But it will work out. I hope. We'll see.

Missing.. My boy. We have been spending a great deal of time together lately. So that makes the time when I am not with him harder. You would think I would be tired of him by now. Nope.  I love just being with him. Can't help it.

It's Ok That...

....I am doubling up my link ups for today.
... I am on my second cup of tea. It makes me feel better.
...I haven't even thought about Christmas presents. (Well, I know what I am putting in Dakota's stocking!)

A bunch of these...amongst other things!

...I have no idea what to buy him for Christmas.
...I have no idea what I'm doing for Thanksgiving
...I am watching a video on how to do sock bun curls.
Because I am behind on trends.
....I went to my mom's house tonight and let her wait on me.
...and I liked it.
..because her cooking is the best, and it really hit the spot!

Does that make me a bad daughter? :)

Do you ever let your mama wait on you?
I think mine likes it, since we don't live at home anymore :P

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