Monday, November 12, 2012

My Life In Numbers

One sunny day in math class, while I was daydreaming and looking out the window, my teacher said "So when are you ever going to use this math stuff?"

"Pfft. Never." I thought, oh. so. snarkily.

He went on to explain how everything in life can boil down to a mathematical equation.

A number.

Don't get me wrong, I still don't like math.
But he's kinda right. 

Like Jason Michael Carroll says..

"Numbers all around, flying by, up and down,
Some as slow as Christmas coming,
Some like the speed of sound,
And we all wonder, what they mean,
The highs, the lows, the in betweens,
Most of them mean absolutely nothing
But some of them mean everything"

So here are some numbers that reflect a little about my life:

21: The number of years I have called earth home

2009: The year I graduated High School

4: The number of years Dakota has been my one and only

2013: The year I hope to graduate college, with an AA degree

1: The number of cats currently trying to sneak onto my lap

2: The number of cats that completely have my heart

10: The number of quarters currently in my desk

3: The number of alarms that wake me up every week day morning

2: The number of times I wake up 2 minutes before the alarm every day

34: The number of times I tweet on any given day

127: The number of posts that come through my BlogLovin' every day

57: The number of posts that come through my BlogLovin' that I actually read

15: The number of times a day I call Dakota a dork

18: The number of times a day I tell Dakota how much I love him

11: The number of times it takes berating myself before I get up and do the dishes

3: The number of times I hiss at Loki before he gets my drift

4: The number of times I cuddle Loki like a baby

2: The number of people that now think I am crazy

3: The number of times a day I get my twitter password wrong before I remember that I changed it

361: The number of people who follow me on Twitter

27: The number of people who actually talk to me on Twitter

45: The number of minutes I spend on Pinterest before I remember what I was looking for

20: The number of minutes looking at the blog with the info I was looking for 

15: The number of times I have seen the movie Hope Floats

15: The number of times I have bawled like a baby during Hope Floats

27 28 29: The number of times today I have listened to I Ain't Your Mama

29.5: The number of minutes I spent thinking about this post before actually writing it.

1.5: The number of years I have worked at Waterman

15: The number of bottles of liquor currently in my home

0: Numbers of gallons of milk currently in my home

82: The number of emails I get on a daily basis at work

27: The number of emails I groan at before replying to them

3: The number of times so far I have tried to end this post

4: The number of times I have successfully restarted this post
3: The average number of times I edit a post after publishing because I see minor, but glaring, errors

  2: Hours before Dakota gets home
2: Hours before I need to go to bed

10: The number of Jessicas you probably know

1: The number of awesome Jessicas you know.

*Hint, that's me :)

Linking up with Greta :) I'd love to read your numbers!


  1. Very nice, I like your numbers. I wish I had thought of the last three lines. I guess that's why you are the most awesome Jessica. :)

  2. Love these! You're such a baby. 21?! Goodness. We currently have only one bottle of liquor and three gallons of milk. It needs to be way more balanced than that. :D

    Also, Pinterest?! UH HUH.

  3. Cute! Don't you hate waking up right before the alarm? I always feel like I missed out on a valuable couple minutes of good sleep. But I also hate the sound of the alarm, so there's that.

  4. Jessica,

    So glad you did this link up w/ Greta, too! It was so much fun for me.
    Also, I hate waking up in the morning. And I have lots more milk in my house than liquor.
    I blame the kids.

  5. Fun to read..laughing at the # of liquor bottles compared to the # of mil cartons in your house. :)

  6. I don't know 10 Jessica's but I do know 3. This was so much fun! Just getting around to posting mine and reading others.

  7. What a clever/creative post, Jessica!!
    I currently have no milk in the house either.
    Also you're the most awesome Jessica I know :)


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