Thursday, March 14, 2013

28 Day Whole Foods / Detox Diet

I decided to tell you all about a diet I am doing starting Monday. I figure if I try and come here every day to  tell you how I am doing, I am less likely to cheat on my diet.

I'm doing a diet by Arbonne, but I'm going to do it without most of the products. I might be using the shake but I am not sure yet how that will work for me.

The basics of the diet:

No wheat gluten
No dairy
No wheat
No processed foods - including mint and gum
No sugar
No foods that promote yeast - bread, crackers, alcohol, etc.
No alcohol
No caffiene
No soy
No veal and pork

I'm really nervous. I haven't done well with being restricted in the past. But my best friend Abigail is doing the diet for the 2nd month. I figure with both of us doing it it will be easier.

And now that you all know, maybe I will have an easier time doing it.

And because every post should have a picture, here is a sort of before picture of me at the range this past weekend. I am actually quite a good shot! I hope I can improve this image in the next 4 weeks. I want my body to reflect my soul. And I want to be sexy.

I'm really scared to publish this picture on the internet, so be nice :)


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  1. You should post the recipes we make on here too :) Some are really good and don't seem like a diet food.


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