Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day One of the Detox Diet

So here I am, halfway through Day 2 of the Detox Diet and barely writing about day one.
But I am going to try and write about today before the day is over!

For breakfast I had:

Figure 8 Vanilla Protien Shake with Fiber
Brown Rice cake with Maple Almond Butter (this stuff is amazing! They also have a chocolate hazelnut one that kind of tastes like Nutella, but it is almost too chocolate-y to me. Strange)

On the way back from school, Dakota had me get him Taco Bell. And it sounded really good. I told him so. I told him I really wanted a cheesy roll up. I guess I talked about it too much because he had to get one! I was sad, but I am determined to make it through this diet. Taco bell be damned.

For lunch, I had:
The Artichoke Lemon Pesto Chicken Pasta that I made on Sunday. I don't think it was as good reheated as it looked the day I made it. But I made it through. The spaghetti squash was actually pretty good. It has a more citrus-y taste than regular spaghetti, but I liked it.

I ate this right as I got back to work, about 11 am. I waited a few hours before eating the rest of the food I brought. I also had a few of the chews from Arbonne while I was waiting.

I also tried one of the fizzy water things, but I didn't really care for it. I prefer regular water. But I may try the other flavor (citrus) today.

I waited until about 3 pm and ate the roasted vegetables. I liked these better than the pasta, but I still picked around the bell peppers. I'm hoping that my tastes will change while on this diet.

For dinner, I felt hopeless. 

Nothing in the fridge sounded good. I really just wanted a cheeseburger (kinda still do!). And I just wanted to lay in bed and not do anything. My awesome boyfriend was asking me if we had anything I could make for dinner that would be in the diet. And I thought! An omelet. So I had a spinach omelet. It perked up my mood.  

And then we went to the movies to see Oz The Great and Powerful, and I resisted popcorn and candy. So I would call the day a success.



  1. If you can resist that popcorn smell at the theater it was definitely a success. Good luck. Dieting is such an emotional roller coster. Hang on to the successes and remember each day is a fresh start.


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