Monday, April 23, 2012

Five for Five: Words

Words are one of my favorite things.

As a graphic designer, part of my job is to work with text. I love playing with different fonts and using the tools available to me to adjust the spacing between letters, between words.

Through this you can make words into art.

As an avid reader (read: addicted to my Kindle), words can make or break a story. Give William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway the same view and you will end up with two totally different accounts. Words make a difference.

Have you ever met someone who is just gifted with words?

Not exactly someone who is like an English teacher, but someone who always knows exactly what to say?

Who, me? No, no, no. I am NOT one of those people.

I trip and stumble over words like.. like I do over my feet.

I usually know what I want to say, but it comes out in jumbles. My brain has the words down pat. Organized and orderly. Somewhere between there and my mouth, my thoughts get jumbled. I try and say one thought while thinking of another. Doesn't always work well.

I had to take speech classes when I was a kid. I talked too fast. Still do. I think most people get the point that I am trying to get around to.

This is why in school, I would take an essay over a speech any day.

My brother on the other hand? Complete opposite.

He is very eloquent. He says what he means the first time. His voice does not quiver. He does not stutter.

He just can talk. He gets his point across quickly and painlessly. I think being in the military really helps with that. The military has really helped shape my brother into a man, which is scary to me, but that's a whole other story.

My dad is the same way.

Come to think of it, my mom has the same ability.

What makes me so weird?

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  1. As a fellow designer I adore Fonts. Spacing and flow and size and shape and all of it.

    As far as the eloquent speaker, yeah. I'm totally NOT that person. I wish I had that ability to say what's needed, what's appropriate, what doesn't sound forced but is really just quite lovely and perfect...but I don't. I always sound a little too honest and brash. Not cool. But I'm working on it! I've started really watching the people who always seem to know what to say. I think it's not so much a gift as an art...something learned. Maybe that's why you brought up that bit about the Military and your brother. Anyway...rambling. Thanks for joining!

  2. Right?! I need to talk more like I write. To the point. Then again, I tend to ramble when I write, too. Yeah, I think it is something that is learned. Nature vs. nurture I guess.

  3. I always played with fonts as a kid, and they fascinated me even more than the words sometimes.

  4. I scrapbook...and play with titles, fonts, letters and words all the time - I get a lot of joy from that! And I have this friend...I constantly want to point in his direction and say..."what he said!"


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