Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day to My Dad

As you may or may not know, the Dork and I do not have any children.

So you  know what that means?

That Father's Day is still about the best Dad in the world, mine!

I have told you about my parents before, but I didn't get a chance to tell you about the awesomeness that is my dad.

My dad is very different from my mom. Where she is outgoing and loud, my dad is more reserved, like me (I'd like to think). We have always had a great relationship, me and my dad. Even when I was a baby I would cry when he went to work. But I think every kid does that at some point. :)

My dad and I (and by association, Dakota) have a lot of interests in common, such as electronics, nerdy stuff, cars.. the list goes on and on. And when Dakota and my dad get together they can talk and talk and talk and talk.

You get the point?

They talk a lot.

Although my parents are very different, and sometimes seem as they are on other planets in terms of who they are, the older I get the more I realize they bring out the best in each other. My mom brings my dad out of his shell and makes him have fun, and my dad reigns in my mom when she needs it.

The older I get, the more I realize that there is no one in this world better for my dad than my mom.

My dad couldn't neccessarily give  Brother and I everything we ever wanted, but he made sure we never went without.
We learned the value of money. Brother and I are both better off in the finances department because my dad warned us about the evils of buying on credit.

My dad, more than anything, wants us to have it better than he did. And I think so far he has succeeded. At least with Brother. ;)

(I had to put this this picture to show how I missed the tall gene. My dad is 6'6" tall. I'm 5'5". How is that fair?!?)

My dad didn't have a particular religon growing up, because his dad was Jewish and his mom is Baptist. So we were not really raised with a particular religion, but we were raised to know right from wrong and to listen to our consciences. I hope to teach my children the same way.

My point is, my dad did the best he could for us and thanks to him, and my mom, I think Brother and I turned out pretty well. At least, Brother did. :P

 I wish all the Father's out there the best Father's day possible! And if you live in California, hold off on doing your yard work. It is supposed to be 104 here tomorrow. Take the day off.

I love you Dad, Happy Father's Day!

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