Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas in the air...

So, recently, I haven't used my camera much. I just find it so much easier to pull out my phone. But did I mention my phone has been having an issue lately? The lock button doesn't work! So unless I plug  or unplug my phone, or someone calls or texts me, my phone won't light up. 

So I broke down and pulled out my big girl camera.

I'm so glad I did. 

I am definitely going to be bringing it out more often! Abigail and I also did a craft that I documented, but I haven't even really looked at the pictures yet! I'm so bad.

Plus I am getting sick AGAIN so I haven't felt like being on the computer much. Forgive my absence. I am a horrible sickie. I am going to go to the doctor today. I think. I am tired of coughing so hard I think I'm going to break something. Maybe I will have something interesting like bronchitis. Or pneumonia. Then maybe all those people who made fun of my cough will feel bad.

Doubt it. :P

Photo dump time! 

Is your house decorated this year?



  1. Love the pics. I have had a cough for a month now, so I feel your pain. And it isn't anything exciting either. Probably just boring allergies. Hope you get feeling better. Get some rest.

  2. Love your blog! Found you via BBN=). Thank you and now I am a follower. I may have to dig out my "big girl" camera tonight; thanks for the inspiration. On a side note; feel better quickly!

  3. Yes, we are all decorated and ready for Christmas, I am wrapped also. Pretty pictures!
    Thank you for following my blog, I follow you now and your fan page on fb as well.


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