Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Pictures

So here we are, at the end of 2012. Did you think we would make it? Did you believe in the Mayan Apocalypse? Not me. I had my doubts. And we are still here! :)

Since this is my first year blogging, I decided to start a tradition for New Year's. I will do a review in pictures.  Some of them are from my DSLR, some are from my phone. Next year, I will try and get more from my DSLR.

Join in on the fun with Ashley!

I am most proud of finding my voice not only here on the blog but in real life. And also for having the courage to open my store and work for myself.


I Love You
Dakota, you are my everything. Thank you for being my better half for the past 4 years.


Still Laughing…
Loki has a fascination with bags. No matter if it is plastic or paper, or even if it is a box, he has to get in it.
This particular time happened to come at a time where he was already crazy. He ended up tearing the bag apart.

Loki being crazy. | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

Winter Wonderland
We don't get snow here (stupid California!) but this picture is still pretty winter-y. Is it bad I already miss Christmas?

Christmas 2012 | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

For my 21st birthday, Dakota brought this home for me. In case you are wondering, my birthday is the 21st of February, so I usually get combined gifts with Valentine's Day. This was one of my favorite presents ever.

21st Birthday (2012) | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

Abigail is the best friend I could ever ask for. And plus, Dakota said I had to put her picture up here once in a while if I am going to show his picture. :)

Abigail 2012 | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

I Was Inspired… 
Watching Nana do her artwork. Crazy woman. Sitting on the floor and what not.

Nana | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

Spring Fever
In 2012, April showers brought some pretty flowers.

Flowers | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

Travel or Vacation
I'm glad that I got to go back up to the mountains with Dakota this year. I love the photography opportunities. As well as spending time with my love, away from technology and just spending time with him.

Mountains 2012 | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

Summer Days
I love when our tree grows back every year. It is the sign that warm weather is coming.

A Day In My Life
Computer screens, O&Ms, oh my.

All Smiles
Two of my favorite people. Smiling and laughing, as usual.

Smiles | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

Autumn Harvest
You can tell it is fall when our tree is trimmed. It looks so pitiful.

Family or Home
When I am home, Loki is usually with me. He is incredibly strange. Cats aren't usually so dependent.

Went to a beautiful wedding with Abigail. Sat next to one of my favorite coworkers. There was much fun to be had.

Let’s Do It Again…
Can we go to the mountains again?

Mountains 2012 | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

I Miss You
It is almost unexplainable how much I miss these two. It's been over ten years since I've seen either. I miss you guys so much.

Year in Review | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

I love this thing. I need to figure out how to use it.

Year in Review | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

Dress Up
I was so happy to see Julia graduate. She left for New York shortly thereafter. But she is back with us now!

Year in Review | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

One of my favorite decorations from Christmas.

Year in Review | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

My Favorite
Isn't he the cutest kitten ever? I miss when he would let me just take pictures of him. And just lay there. Now he knows when I pull the camera out and he stops being crazy. Silly cat.

Year in Review | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

Don’t Ever Change
Loki, you are weird. And crazy. But you certainly make our life interesting.

Year in Review | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

Just Because…So There!
How could I not share this guy?

Year in Review | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

Hopes and Dreams
Next year, I want to take more photos like this. I want to go out with the intention of taking amazing pictures. I want to take pictures that I will hang on my wall. I am thinking of doing a 365, or even a Project 52. I may do Project 52, just so that I know I will finish. :)

But my goal is to further my craft. Photography, design, and blogging.

Year in Review | Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

I hope you all have a GREAT New Year's Eve! I will try and be back tomorrow with some of my resolutions and goals for next year.



  1. Aww... I loved all your pictures! What a great way to showcase your 2012!

    Okay this is also a test to see if i am a noreply commenter

  2. Great looks like 2012 was good to you! Happy 2013!


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