Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Avenger Inspired Outfit: Thor

So, I know I am being totally random with the planning of these posts. My original thought was to do one a week, but I didn't want you to have to wait that long. Because I know these are the highlight of your day! Haha.

Today's Avenger Inspired Outfit is for Thor. Thor is the brother to my personal favorite non-Avenger super villian Loki.

Thor's outfit would be great for a night out but I would also wear this to work. Because I'm a graphic designer and people expect us to be eccentric. But if you change out the boots for some flats or nice black heels it turns very conservative. Until people notice the details of the jewelry. Which is how I like to roll. I mean, really, I wear a necklace with a fish on it. It makes people wonder.

The earrings I love because they remind me of Thor's helmet, which in doing research for this (ha, I love blogging, looking at pictures of Chris Hemsworth is research!) I found Thor doesn't wear his helmet in the movie, that I remember or can find Google images of.  Isn't that weird?


Thor by jessiekay77 featuring kaliko

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