Thursday, April 18, 2013

Avenger Inspired Outfit: Loki

I'm not a fashion concious person. Most days I would rather wear pajamas than get dressed. But, then I discovered Polyvore. Actually, I discovered it a while ago, but I've been playing with it like all day.

That site is addicting.

So I decided to start something new! Outfits!
Inspired by the Avengers. At least, for a few posts they will be. Until I can find some other inspiration for outfits!

Okay, Okay.
Loki is not an Avenger. But I LOVE Loki. I even have a cat named after him. 
Not sure why, I just always liked him.
I think the internet feels the same, considering how much Loki stuff is out there, especially on Etsy.
And believe me, he lives up to his name.

But really, I think Loki is just misunderstood.

Today's outfit is prominently black and green, with a splash of gold. These outfits will be more inspired by the comic book characters, with maybe some of the movie thrown in.

My favorite part is the necklace. I would totally wear it. My Loki would be proud.


Uniqlo shirt / Stretch pants / Madden Girl black strap heels, $44 / Heart jewelry

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