Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Color Me Rad {Fresno} Recap

On Sunday, Abigail and I (along with her mom and sister) did Color Me Rad 5k. It was so much fun. I am still sore, but that is mostly my own fault.   I have been walking a lot, but I didn't think that the park I have been walking at is flat, and the 5k had hills.  This added a level of difficulty. I have to hand it to Abigail, though, she kept me going. Mostly because I didn't want her to leave me and never be able to find her again. But also because she bought my ticket and made me run down the hills! I love that girl.

The thing about these pictures is, next year I can use them as "before" pictures. It is just more motivation for me to step up my weight loss!
I had such a great time, but along the way there were so many things I knew I should share, some that we knew to do, and some we learned when we got there. So here they are, and if you have more, let me know!
1) Arrive early. Like, an hour or more before your wave. Imagine all the people headed to the same place, on top of normal traffic. Imagine the parking, and the cops blocking entrances. 
We waited in line for at least 30 minutes. People were getting bored so they were throwing their color bombs everywhere. 

2) Take a before picture. Because when you are all colorful, you will have forgotten what it was like to be clean. 

3) If you want pictures, bring a little ziplock with you for your phone. I saw other people doing this and I was amazed that I didn't think of it! Color Me Rad made it really easy, because the ziplock they gave you the sunglasses in was appropriately sized. 

My phone is still a little bit orange. And I kept having to wipe off the camera. But once you get all colorful, there is no place clean to wipe off the screen or the camera!
4) Keep your mouth closed during the color stations. 

At one of the liquid color stations, the guy sprayed me in the face. Does not taste good. Although, I will have to admit, that the liquid color wasn't as bad as the powder. The powder made my mouth feel funny. But I wouldn't recommend ingesting either one, haha.
5) Bring towels for your car for the ride back home.
Trust me, the color gets everywhere.
6) Take lots of after pictures! 
This was my favorite part. I didn't realize I was so colored until I took pictures! And even more so when I did comparisons!

7) Wear a costume! Make it fun!
The Color Me Rad swag people made some money off of us. The blue shirts were included with registration, and so were the sunglasses and bibs. Everything else we bought.
If I had planned better, I would have designed us a shirt. How sad is it that a graphic designer bought shirts she could have made herself? (I even designed a shirt for someone else doing the 5k!) Next year, when we sign up (and we WILL be doing it again) I will be spending some time on the design, and maybe we will make tutus! 
Thank you again Abigail for taking me. You're the best.


  1. Looks like a fun race :-)

  2. How neat! That seems like an incredible experience.

  3. Way to go! This looks like so much fun.

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I'm not a fan of running, so i don't know if I could have made it lol Can't wait to hear about next year's race!


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