Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Graduation Photo Dump

I am officially a college graduate! Well, not officially, because I have to wait until AUGUST for my diploma, but whatever. I participated in the ceremony, therefore, in my eyes, I am a college graduate.

It makes me kind of sad to be done, now that it's over. I feel like a whole part of my life is over. Most of mine and Dakota's relationship took place in college. Now that it's over, we will be spending far less time together. But really, we aren't one of those couples that are together 24/7. I will admit that I like to be home when he's home.. but I usually do my own thing. Anyways.

My graduation day started with lots of being lazy. We were both off  for the day, so we slept in. We went shopping. And then, I got my hair done. First time dying (erm, bleaching) in four years! My appointment was made for 1 PM to allow time to do everything, but my stylist didn't realize I didn't have any dye in my hair. The bleaching took like 20 minutes. Also, I didn't realize my hair was soooo long until Christina posted these pictures on Instagram later. I love her. If you are ever in the area, stop by and see her! She is seriously the best.Check out her Instagram of all the cool stuff she does! I really want some bright colors in my hair already. And its been blonde less than a week haha.

And what is really cool is she just left my natural hair the color it was.. so that it will grow out better than if she had dyed my hair darker. 

(Image Credit: Christina Steelman)

And she curled it for my graduation.. these curls lasted til after I got home.. like 10 PM. My hair is notorious for letting go of curls. But those stuck. Now I need to figure out how to use a curling iron.. Dakota loved it curled. (I use it and nothing happens. No curl. Tutorials, anyone, for dummies??) 

(Image Credit: Christina Steelman)

Close up of the color transition.. this is Ombre, folks! I love it!

And after waiting TWO HOURS for instructions, the graduation commenced, and I managed to find my parents afterward... (it was a MADHOUSE!) Forgive the cheesy smiles that will commence.....

My dad pretending to be short like us...

I obviously did NOT get the tall gene.

My mom wanted a picture with just us... :)

And of course one of my man and me.... First picture together in a long, long time. I definitely need to get in front of the camera more!

And here I am with my big smile..officially a college graduate!

Well, that's all folks. I'm done with college. Time to be an adult I guess.
But what if all I really want is a Capri-Sun and a fort with some coloring books?

Growing up is scary. But so exciting to start a new phase in my life!



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  2. Hello,

    I actually found you through another blog that had a "coast to coast" map and noticed you were one of the few bloggers remotely near my area so I've been blog stalking you for the past 20 minutes or so! Love your designs, your extremely talented and congrats on graduating!
    Hope you'll stop by my blog and we can become bloggin friends!

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  4. Congratulations! Your hair looks great. Good Luck on the next chapter of you life.


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