Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Graphic Design Pet Peeves

In honor of my impending graduation, I figured I should enlighten you all about the joys of being a graphic designer. I love being a designer. I really do. But like any other job, certain things get really annoying.
*Disclaimer: I don't mean this to be offensive. I don't care if you like Comic Sans. Personal preference. This is just from my experience in the four-ish years I've been doing this, professionally and in school.
Using periods in phone numbers instead of dashes.
Not using the oxford comma.
Photoshop Error: "Not enough ram".
Linked files with no source file to be found.
Papyrus / Comic Sans.
Lens flares.
Not outlining your freaking fonts.
Flat black. (100% K. Read more on this post.)
Designers that rasterize their PDFs before sending them to me.
Things not lining up with things.
Widows and orphans.
Looking through so many fonts that words look like random letters put together. Seriously. Stare at the word together for a while.
"Make it POP!"
Almost having a heart attack when Illustrator is saving and I haven't saved in like 3 HOURS and it says "NOT RESPONDING". And then it saves and I'm like OMG. GIVE ME OXYGEN.
Corel Draw. I hate you. Please go away. 
Working on a design and forgetting to do things like use the restroom, eat, breathe...
"Can you teach me to be a designer?" "Can you teach me Illustrator?" No. 
Logos that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the company.
Clients that don't know what they want. But know what they don't want when they see it.
Having people watch my screen over my shoulder.
As you can tell... I could go on and on.
I love being a graphic designer, don't get me wrong, but sometimes things are just irritating.

Do you have pet peeves with your job?

 “Make it blue. Make it red. Make it a pony.” - Art Director’s Club. Absolutely hilarious.  





  1. *snicker* I loved this post and it's oh so true.

  2. So funny. I'm not a designer by any means, but I HATE Comic Sans.

  3. I'm studying some graphic design and for a lot of these, I'm just like AMEN!

    And I'm loving that first picture--too funny!

    xo, gina

  4. Oh man, I totally laughed at this whole post! Great illustration of what people think you do, what you really do, etc. Very funny Jessica, and I TOTALLY feel for you! Hmm, I am a SAHM with three daughters and a son at home. Two of the girls are teens, the other a bit older. So ya, I have LOTS of pet peeves with my job. Like, Why can't anyone clear their dishes or throw their trash away? Why do they leave dirty clothes and towels in the hall? I'm a mom, not a hall monitor! Like you, I could go on and on.

  5. Great post. And yes, I have a list of pet peeves but I also have a list of awesomeness (I read your latest post before this one). :)
    I totally get the client not knowing what they want but knowing what they don't like when you are trying to create something from very little. Especially clients who are trying to help someone else out, by paying for it, and thus you don't actually get to speak to the person who the design is really for to get their vision...but every time you send something, it's a no, don't really like that. Or taking 2 weeks to respond. ;) LOL I'm glad I don't do this full time. And actually just pulled my services from my blog. If someone already knows that I dabble in design, then great...I'll help them out (and charge for my time), but I'm not longer 'advertising' my services. ;) LOL

  6. I can't even imagine having a job in graphic design--computer frustrate me enough as it is...and just the little tiny bit I've tried to do with my own blog design and coding is a pain in the butt. I'm sure it all makes sense if you actually know what you're doing, though.
    Still, having to trust computers not to start revolting and fail on you when you're working on something really important has got to be scary!


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