Monday, May 13, 2013

May Julep Box

Happy Mani Monday loves!

This month I signed up to be a Maven at Julep. I have gotten addicted since Abigail got her subscription. I just love nail polish, and Julep sends it to you. You mean I don't have to go shopping to get nail polish? Sign me up!

And so I got my box.  Very classy.

In my starter box, I received these products:


My thoughts: I thought Yumi was a very pretty color. My issue is that I didn't realize what a pain glitter polish can be. It is so hard to get off! But really, I loved it. I'm a big fan of sparkles.


My thoughts: The picture doesn't do this color justice. I definitely need to take pictures in the daylight next time. This polish reminded me of something I would wear to get married. Very subdued, in that it is a single color, but very sparkly. Something I would feel comfortable wearing at work. I had the same issue with this as Yumi with it being a pain to take off, but I didn't really want to take it off, so maybe it wasn't as much as an issue.


My thoughts: Petra is a very nice dark red color. I liked it, but it isn't something I think I will wear very often, at least until my Ruby Pumps runs out. I don't wear a lot of red, but I still love to wear red polish. Because bad girls wear nail polish. (Gilmore Girls, anyone?)

I don't have pictures of the mascara or the polish removers, but I loved them. The Volumizing Mascara doesn't smear off. I love it. It has changed my opinion on wearing mascara. I never take the time. Now I do like almost every day that I wear make up.

The polish removers were nice, but with it being only one, I didn't get to use it a whole lot. But I did take off the polish off both hands with it in one use. So that was nice.

Overall, I loved my first Julep box.

Are you a Maven?



  1. I'm your newest follower on GFC from the NTMY Blog Hop! Great blog and I'm a fellow nail polish addict!
    Come and visit when you have a chance!

  2. So fun! I love getting fun boxes filled with product in the mail.

  3. Suuuper pretty. Are you part of the Julep Swap Group on Facebook? OMG so obsessed.


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